get-your-creative-juices-flowingAnyone assigned the task of writing blogs for their company will tell you that it is not always easy to come up with and find ideas to blog about. Any author or professional blogger will tell you that writer’s block is one of the most annoying, and frustrating things to overcome.

Content Marketing via blogging is probably the single most cost-effective marketing tool at your disposal. Therefore, the content you put into your blog is obviously very important. Good blog content can gain your blog loyal followers, and these loyal followers of your blog are also potential customers that you may one day convert into loyal customers. Content marketing has proven itself to be one of the best and most cost effective way to gain blog followers, but here is the million dollar question. How do i continue to find fresh blog content and new ideas to blog about?

Picking new and fresh Blog topics is definitely something that requires some thought. It is tough to find new inspiration to write about on a regular basis. The good news, however, is that there are some things you can do to make it much easier to create quality content and find topics to write about for your blog.

All you need a little inspiration. And here it comes…

The goal of this post is to give you a content marketing strategy will help you generate fresh blog and in turn flood your brain with new ideas to blog about.

Here are some easy, yet very effective techniques to help you come up with a constant flow of fresh and new ideas to blog about.

Leverage Amazon & Ebay

Amazon & Ebay are 2 of the largest online retailer in the world and we can use their data to come up with plenty of content ideas. Simply find some of the best sellers in your industry and from there you can easily find out what items, products, or services are trending within your industry.

Once you have this info, perhaps you can write an awesome product review on something new within your industry. I’m quite sure this is great content that your readers will surely appreciate the heads up on.

News within your industry

Here is one of the easiest ways to find new ideas to blog about. Whatever industry you are in, there is always something new and exiting going on. Isn’t that why they call it news? This “news” within your industry will provide you some fresh blog topics and plenty of new ideas to blog about.

Simply click the “news tab” within your google search options and type in some of the blog topics you’ve been brain storming about.

The “news tab” is a very un-tapped resource, but it is a very easy and effective way to source new blog content ideas.

Use Buzzsumo

At Brand Vision Inc. Marketing, we love Buzzsumo. Infact, we swear by Buzzsumo. There is no better way to find interesting, relevant content which makes it real easy to come up with new ideas to blog about.

Simply Go To , as seen in the screenshot below. Type in some potential blog topics and buzzsumo will show you the most shared articles within your chosen topic. This should give you plenty of ammo in the form of new blog content ideas. Plus Buzzsumo has already done all the research, so you already know readers are already interested in these articles as blog topics.

buzzsumoUse Wikepedia as a reference

Since Wikepedia is pretty much the go-to website to find info on anything, it makes sense that bloggers also use Wikepedia as a source to find specific info about any given blog topics.

Very simple. yet effective. Everybody has heard if Wikepedia, but if you have not yet used it, do not worry. It is really quite simple. If you have every made reference in an encyclopedia, then will have no problem finding info from wikepedia, which is basically encyclopedia of the internet.

You may not find new blog topics or new ideas to blog about, but once you already have your blog topic and begin to curate content, Wikepedia can really come in handy when you need to find factual and specific information on just about anything.


Keep an eye on your competition

As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to keep your toughest competition at arm length. Its kind of the same principal as keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Make a list of your top 5-7 competitors and check this list regularly. What you looking for is new and exciting content that has been well received by your competitors audience. Since your in direct competition, the chances are pretty good that your blog followers would also benefit from reading a popular piece of content. You should copy and should never plagiarise content, but it is definitely o.k. to put a nicely written article or blog into your own words and add a few things to it.

Remember Buzzsumo? The Buzzsumo website is the quickest and most effective way of analyzing a competitor. Instead of entering a specific blog topic, simply type your competitors web address or URL into the search bar. Buzzsumo will then bring up any of your competitors highly shared articles or popular pieces of content.

Get active in Industry Forums

Forums are great way to find useful information within your industry. By joining and becoming active in your industry forums you’ll not only find all kinds of useful information, you will also find potential blog followers and potential customers.

By finding a relevant forum, you can discover and uncover real problems from real people within your industry. Once you find a problem with an Industry forum, you will instantly have new blog content. Solving a problem within your industry is actually on of the best and most useful ideas to blog about. Put some thought into it, do your research, and your problem solving blog topics should get a nice amount of shares.

Use Google Keyword planner

Many of you are already familiar with the Google keyword planner tool as a way to SEO optimize your content. Yes, you should definitely do your keyword research and make use of keywords within your blogposts. Check the competition and CPC of your seo keywords. After all, the whole point of writing a blogpost is to be found online and improve your google ranking right?

At the same time you  happen to be doing doing some of your keyword research, you can also utilize the Google Keyword planner tool to “Get Ideas”.

Such a simple thing and something most bloggers dont even realize. The google keyword planner tool will actually give you more ideas of relevant seo keywords you can use within your blogpost. These Ideas or SEO keywords may just set off a light bulb in your head and give you new and much needed inspiration just in the nick of time.



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