* Always have a positive attitude

Sounds cliche, but its true and that is probably the reason why you have heard this saying numerous times. It takes a special breed to deal with rejection in Telesales but if you take each day in stride and maintain a positive attitude, you’ll got a lot less rejection and you may even have a little fun along the way. I read somewhere last week that whether or not your close a sale will be determined 27% by the words or content of your sales pitch, and 73% by the tone in your voice. What does that tell you? Its tells me 2 things actually…Number one, It’s not what you say, its how you say it and number 2, you don’t have a snowballs chance in hell to be successful in sales without the right attitude. You have all heard the saying, “Attitude is everything“, and you better believe its true. Your attitude will make or break you and will determine whether you succeed or fail in sales and in life. Trust me, it will literally make or break you

* Sales People are Made not Born

One thing that really gets on my nerves is hearing people say that someone is just not cut out to be a sales person. I have heard this even more in regards to Telesales. Sure it may be true that some people have the gift of gab and naturally ability, but the bottom line is anyone who is willing to give 110% effort, and put in the work, can become a successful sales person and make a good living in sales. Every single time I have ever fired any sales person, whether for telesales or outside sales, it was because they were either too lazy and unwilling to put in the work, or they had other issues that were hindering their performance.  It was surely never due to a lack of sales abilities or the sales persons’ learning capacity. Send me someone with a positive attitude, good work ethic, and desire to be successful, and i promise i will turn that person into a top performer inside of one years’ time. It is just that simple, yet just that hard at the same time. Sales People with all three of the above qualities do not just fall from the sky. As an employer, you have to put in some work to find them and its never easy. However, there are plenty of good sales people out there and if you get lucky enough to find a keeper, you better take good care of that sales person.

* Believe in your product

Its very hard to have the right attitude and be positive if you do not believe in your product. You have believe in your product and your company with all of your heart. When you know you have a good product, it comes across in your voice and tone, almost as if the customer can feel your energy. An Enthusiastic Telemarketer is absolutely magnetic. As a Sales person, when you have confidence in  yourself and your product, the prospect or customer will hear it in voice and feel it in your tone. In my opinion, if you are an honest, ethical sales person, it is impossible to sell a product or service you dont believe in.  So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you truly do not believe in your product and your company, it is time to throw the peace sign in the air and move on. Believing in your product becomes alot easier once you thoroughly understand the features and benefits of what your are selling. Just remember this; if you believe, so too will your customers.

* Master Your Objection Rebuttals

This pretty much goes without saying, but it has to be mentioned. We talk about objections alot because they are so very important and can make or break a sale. In fact, i said that wrong.not knowing your rebuttals will cost you a lot of sales! Do not look at objections as rejections. They most certainly are not! If a customer gives you one of the Top 5 and most common objections, you have a least won his ear and gotten him or her to listen. Very simply put, an objection, is your customer or prospect asking you for more information on your product or service. Of course they will hardly ever just ask you directly what they really want to know, so customers tend to dance around the true objection at the heart of the matter. Whether its because they are too timid too ask you or because they are trying to test you, either way it goes about 83% of the time you will have to fight your way  few bogus objections to actually get the the true objection. This is where solid fundamentals come into play. To be successful, you need to practice, practice, and then practice your objections some more. Don’t stop until you have your rebuttals down so good you dream about them.  In case your wondering, no that is not a joke. When i started my Inside Sales career, i literally took the job home and practiced 1-2 hours every night and i still remember dreaming about Pitching customers during those early days when i was still wet behind the ears. Take it from me, these customers will throw you off guard and try trip you up every step of the way. Learn to handle objections like a pro and you will close ALOT more sales.

* Its not what you say, Its how you say it

Remember this statistic from before; a sale will be determined 27% by the words or content of your sales pitch, and 73% by the tone in your voice. Very interesting and it means a few things. Of course attitude is everything. We have already hit on that. It is by far number one, however it is important to know that there is some room for error. You must know your product and you must master your objections, but you do not have to be perfect as a TeleSales Professional. Every call will be different and no two will ever sound alike. That is just the nature of the beast. Just like anything else you do in life, if you want to be a big success, you have to chase perfection knowing full well you will never achieve it. So if you make a mistake, so what, you don’t have to be perfect. It is very rare that my sales pitch ever comes out the way i wanted it to, but i am a master at voice tones and reading prospects and customers on the other end of the phone. Always remember, its never over if you make a mistake or fumble up your words. You can recover by using powerful voice tones or even by cracking a joke and using humor.

* Sell the Dream

This is just like saying “Sell the Sizzle not the Steak”. In other words, don’t just look at your product or service as a simple product or service. What you sell on a daily basis gives you power over potential customers and current customers alike. Why? Because your not just selling them a Service, your selling them a way to make life easier, retire earlier, spend more time with the family, ect. For the most part customers do not care much about the technical specs or details of what your selling. The bottom line to a potential prospect or customer is ” What will your product do for me and why should i but it’?. With that being said, you need to realize that a customer really doesn’t care about the features of your product, at least at first. You need to focus on the ultimate benefits to the customer; i.e. less down time, more time with family, happier workers, ect. Also, be creative with it. Don’t just tell your customer or prospect that are going to save him time and money. As a telesales person, you should consider yourself a verbal actor. You need to paint a pretty picture that your customer or prospect can see in his head as a real tangible benefit. For example; instead of telling mr. customer you are going to save him time, you might say your going to show him a way to get more time with his family. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, especially one tat you paint for a customer or prospect.

* Every NO Gets you that much closer to a YES

The hard truth about sales says your an expert closer if you close 7% of your sales prospects. That means that even the best of best and the top dogs in every industry here the word NO alot more than they hear the word yes. It may sound cliche and maybe everybody has heard this saying, but its more than just a simple slogan. When you are a professional TeleSales person, you live by the phone and die by the phone. You have to be mentally strong and give yourself every little edge you can to keep a positive attitude and maintain the right frame of mind. If you cannot maintain, you are destined for failure and more or less doomed. In 20 years I have seen it all, but the worst thing to see is when a new or fairly new Sales Person starts out like a house a fire and then collapses like a house of cards. I have seen this happen many times before. They start out with all the confidence in the world, doing so well and closing deals left and right. Then all of the sudden,  here comes a little sales slump, which turns into an extended sales slump, which spirals out of control and the rest is history. Another one bites the dust as they say. The point of this little rambling session is to take something positive from every call and replace anything negative with something positive. I talk about attitude a lot and I believe in what I preach. In my humble opinion, being a sales person is the most mentally stressful career in the world. We deal with, live with, and have to learn to accept rejection on a daily basis. Not only that, but sales people have to look at this rejection in a positive light to maintain the right attitude and our positive state of mind and ruin our attitude.  So in looking at the big picture, this little slogan, “Every No Gets you that much closer to a YES”, becomes a mindset. With this mindset we turn even the word No into a positive. With this mindset we will never allow negativity to control or influence is. Keeping this mindset, allows us to move forward and gets us be step closer to that Yes. Keep Smiling and Dialing !!!!

* Play the numbers Game

As a career Telesales person, you must have a plan of attack. Organization is a big part of it. You need to have a road map to success and follow it to a tee. How many Cold Calls do you need to make each day, week, month? What is your average closing percentage? In other words, how many sales calls does it take to close a deal? Believe it or not, if you are closing 5-7% that is decent. That would mean, all said and done, that you need to make 100 calls or contacts to close 5-7 deals. Depending on the amount of commission you make per deal, this will tell you exactly what you need to do each day to make your weekly and then monthly sales quota. Know your numbers and then road map your plan. If you do this religiously, you will be on the right track to a very successful career as a TekeSales person.

* Always go that extra mile

No matter what industry you are in, competition is fierce. So what separates you from Joe Schmo at XYZ Company? How do you get your customer to think of you and put you ahead of the rest of your competitors? Go the extra mile for your customers and I promise you it will pay dividends over and over again. Listen to your customer and learn as much as you can about them. Get to know their personality type and find out what their interests are. Customers like to be pampered and they almost always like to hear themselves talk. If you are a good listener and you make the customer feel like you are genuinely interested in what they ha e to say, they will start to think of you more like a friend and not just a sales person. As your rapport grows with your customer, so to will the personal bond you have forged with them. In this day and age, more so than ever before, customers want to buy from a friend or someone they trust. It you are able to develop a solid relationship with your customer which turns into somewhat of a friendship, your customer will be loyal to you forever. There are many things you can do to show your customer or prospect that you are willing to go the extra mile. Offer to do some research or legwork for them on an upcoming job or project that your customer may have mentioned to you. Another thing you can do pretty easily with just a bit of research is send your customer a lead or referral. They will most definitely appreciate your efforts and remember them when it comes time to place an order. One thing that I like to do for my customer is send them freebies with their order. Customers always like to get something for free and it doesn’t have to be something expensive. Give them free shipping, send them a coffee mug, or maybe a free t-shirt. It doesn’t really matter what you do because it is the thought that counts, and the gesture that will be remembered.

* A sale is made on every single call

Yes sir! As a TeleSales person, you better know that a sale will be made on every sales call you make. The question is, who is going to make the Sale? Will it be you or will it be your customer or prospect? Taking this approach to every sales call has helped me alot over the years, especially when i find myself getting soft or going through a slight sales slump. All great sales people go through sales slumps, but what makes them great sales people, is the ability to recognize it when it happens and fix it. Whenever i go through a little sales slump or find myself getting soft or not pitching or closing as hard, I have to remind my self that a sale will be made either way. It sort of makes me feel like i have nothing to loose. I mean why should i not close a certain customer or prospect as hard as i normally would? Why shouldn’t i go the extra mile to make the sale? I might as well!! Why?…. because a sale will be made regardless, either by me or by the customer or prospect.

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