When it comes to your manufacturing company’s web presence, an older website is doing you more harm than good. In today’s Digital Age, potential customers use your
website to form their opinions about your company and decide whether or not they want to be your customer. It is difficult to convert web traffic into qualified leads when
the look of your company’s website appears outdated, is confusing to navigate, or lacks a clear purpose. Manufacturing companies have different needs than consumer
or eCommerce websites, but no matter your sales process, your website still serves as a 24/7, 365 salesperson for your company. You do not want it to give visitors the
impression that your company is as obsolete as your older website.
Many manufacturing companies incorrectly interpret a website redesign to mean that they need to make their website look “prettier.” While the design and layout of the
new website is important, website redesign is actually about modernizing your website to support:
• Modern devices and technology.
• Current SEO best practices.
• Integration with your ERP, CRM, and other platforms.
• Various lead generation efforts.
• Your sales process.
• Desired tools and functionality.

For many business owners, a web Design Project can be quite overwhelming. There really is a lot to consider and since your expertise is not in web design and development, there is most likely a lot that you do not know or understand. At Brand vision Inc. marketing, we specialize in web design and marketing services for manufacturers, machine shops, industrial suppliers, fabricators, ect. Because we know the industry and keep up with and follow industry trends, we can build a website that delivers results in a very competitive industry. Manufacturing, is in fact one of the most bcompetitve industries on the planet, and because of this there is even more to consider when taking on a web design or re-design project.

We have put together a free Ebook to help guide Manufacturers through the web design process. The manufacturers website design guide would make you a whole lot wiser and make the entire process that much easier. We hare sure this will help you through the process and please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns..

manufacturer’sultimate guide towebsite redesign