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Why Are So Many Industrial & Manufacturing Companies putting their trust in Brand Vision Inc.?
Our professional Web Development & Marketing Team has a proven track record and years of experience helping manufacturers succeed on the web. This is not our first rodeo. In fact, every one of our Marketing techniques & processes, were developed strictly for the Manufacturing Industry.

On that note, let me tell you something you already know. The Manufacturing Industry, which is essentially the lifeblood of our great country, is a complex & competitive, ever changing, and evolving Industry. Im quite sure you wouldn't let an inexperienced worker anywhere near the expensive machinery on your shop floor, right? Of course Not!

This is the exact same reason why you wouldn't just hire any old marketing company to design your website or put together your marketing plan for you.

Here's the Bottom Line. We all know first impressions are everything and you only get one shot at it. Choose wisely and make it count. Hire yourself a Marketing company with manufacturing industry experience & knowledge. Hire Yourself a Marketing company that has Industry connections. Hire Yourself a Marketing company that pays close attention to Industry trends & changes. If you want the Job done right the first time around, Hire Brand Vision Inc. Marketing

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With Extensive Industry Knowledge & Experience, combined with cutting edge Design Technology, we will Design, Develop, & Build the perfect website for your Business. Your Custom Built, Industry specific Website, will fit your Shop like a glove, and leave potential customers with a great and lasting First Impression. Our state of the art Design & Development Platform (DDP), is constanly evolving and sure to deliver Results.

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Staying One Step ahead of the Competition
Perhaps your an old school job shop with established customers in the manufacturing industry. If this is the case, and you have loyal long term customers that can sustain your business, that is awesome. However, what would happen if you were to loose a good customer relationship? What if you lost a few good customers? It's probably safe to say that you would be faced with the prospect of searching out new customers.

Based on consumer buying behavior trends over the past few years, a strong website presence is also a must. If you are building a brand and you want your business to stay one step ahead of the competition, your website & social presence will play a vital role in your marketing strategy. There are many other things to consider when planning or executing a marketing campaign. Priority number one, however, is establishing a social media presence, and get a professional website built. According to a recent industry publication, 86% of the time, when a potential customer searches out custom manufacturing services, the first thing they will do, even before asking for a quote, is google your website. Once you have addressed the importance of a functional website and social media presence importance, you will then have a solid foundation in place to build an effective marketing strategy around.

It's no secret, manufacturing industry buying behavior trends are much different today then they were 10-15 years ago. As the us manufacturing industry trends change and technologies evolve, so to do consumer buying behavior trends. As social media continues to evolve, social engagement is now more relevant than ever. Whether we like it or not, social media engagement is here to stay. With that being said, it is very good idea to develop and maintain social media profiles for at very least Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google plus. In fact, I would go so far as to say Social Media is now a must for any business. At any rate, there are literally hundreds of social media channels, but these four I mentioned are the main ones. You may also want to set a Pinterest Profile Page, as Pinterest has now become a very effective way to interact with potential customers and generate new leads.

We can set up all your social media channels to work in sync with a professionally built, responsive website. In fact, we can even automate the process. For a very affordable monthly maintenance fee, Brand Vision Inc. Marketing will handle your social media marketing to ensure that all of your social media channels put out daily posts and relevant content. This will not only help you to generate and capture new leads, but you will also improve your google rankings, which will generate more organic traffic and greatly increase your company visibility. We are experts in search engine technology, which gives your manufacturing business the best opportunity to generate new customer leads and build a strong Online presence. In a field full of common images and promises, our goal is to help to build your us manufacturing company an industry icon.

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We stand behind our work 100%. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of the work we provide, that we can actually offer an Iron Clad satisfaction guarantee in writing
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