How to increase Sales & make more money

Regardless of what industry you are in, those all important Sales Numbers will fuel your company or business accordingly. Whether you sell a product or a service, either way you have to have a plan and find an edge in order to keep those Sales rolling in. A wise man once said “Sales cures Everything.” If you are a business owner, you know that without consistent Sales, your company will cease to exist. For this very reason, I have always believed that for a business to succeed, the business owner must be able to sell their product or service better than their best Sales Rep. As an owner of 3 different businesses myself, this is Golden Rule #1. This factor, I believe, is even more important when starting a business from scratch with no loans or grants, like I did. 

So what’s the bottom line? Well in short, the bottom line is making sales and finding that sales edge that work for you and your company. Just as business owners are all different, so too are salespeople. Every really successful sales rep has developed a sales strategy designed to give them the all important sales edge. Competition is fierce in every industry, but if you are a skilled Sales Rep, competition brings out the best in you and pushes you to new heights. Successful salespeople give themselves that sales edge by developing tips, tricks, and sales techniques that work for them. I have been in the sales industry in some way, shape, or form for 19 years now. Because I was born with natural Sales ability and because I inherited a strong work ethic from my father, I have always been a top sales performer. Over the last 19 years, I have made thousands of sales calls and given thousands of sales presenatations. My sales techniques are time tested and proven. I have developed my sales skills not only by trial and error, but I have also personally read over 200 different sales books. For the last 19 years, Inhabe been on a permanent quest to find the untimate sales edge. These are the sales techniques I use to give myself the ultimate edge. This is the actual plan I have developed and use to prepare myself for any sales call or sales presentation. One of my employees, Bill Davis, who actually designed the Blog graphics for this post, used and tested this plan of mine in 2016. The results were nothing short of phenomenal. His Sales Numbers increased by 56%, more importantly, my plan helped  Bill Davis increase his 2016 income by 87%. 

Top Tip for properly preparing for any sales call or sales presentation 

O.K. So here it is.Drunroll Please………Using BulletPoints. Yes, That’s right. Using BulletPoints is an incredibly simple and extremely effective way to prepare your sales scripts and be prepared for any Sales presentation.  

Sounds simple right? Maybee so, but then why isn’t everybody using bullet point to prepare for a sales call or sales presentation. It doesn’t matter whether your sales call or sales presentation is to be done via Inside Sales or Outside Sales. Regardless, using bulletspoint will save you time and help you to retain more of that important information. 

Using BulletPoints for Inside Sales Pitches

For many years as an inside Sales Person, I would write out my own Sales Scripts. This always seemed to work fine for me, but for most Inside Sales People it is tough to stick to a written Sales Pitch without sounding like a Sales robot reading from a sales script. If you have even done inside sales, you know the last thing you want to do Is sound scripted when presenting a sales pitch. 

When I became an Inside sales manager, I was suddenly responsible for producing sales numbers. It was only then that I really started to noticed how most Inside sales people would struggle with presenting a written sales script. Of course, one of my many duties of an inside sales manager was to make life easier for the sales team I had to manage. I wanted my sales people to feel more confident and sound less scripted and the answer was really right in front of me the whole time for all these years. It’s feels a little bit like that million dollar invention that makes you slap yourself in the forehead and say “Why didn’t I think of that?.” It’s so simple, it’s silly and it really came to me by accident. One fine day in our lively sales office, I was tasked with writing a sales presentation for a brand new product we were introducing. I must have written up my sales pitch at least 4 to 5 times and I just couldn’t seeem to get it right. I just had too much to say and my sales pitch was always too long winded. 

It was right then that I had a revelation, if that’s what you wanna call it. I figured by jotting down my main presentation  points in cronological order, I would be able to present all my features and benefits without having to deliver a long winded sales pitch. After putting my first sales pitch into bulletpoint format, I then made a sales call and the result was a Sales pitch/presentation worthy of an academy award. Not only was my overall delivery better, but there also no need to rehearse, and it had taken far less time to  actually compose the sales pitch. 

Using Bulletpoint format sounds like such a no brainer and it is, but at the time, it almost felt like I had discovered gold. Not only that, but when I had passed along my new bulletpointed sales script to my sales team, they also found it to be a very simple yet effective technique. As I think back to that month, October of 2008, I remember our sales team went on to have its 2nd best month of the year. Ever since then I have been using and passing along this simple bulletpoint pitch format technique. Here’s the  bottom line; Although it may not seem like the miracle I am making it out to be, using this bulletpoint technique has made myself and my sales teams a lot of money over the last 8 years. And the number never lie….

Sales Pitch put into Bulletpoint Format

  • Original Sales Pitch

The reason I ask is that we just released our brand new 3 flute, high performance Carbide finishers with the new zrn coating thats made specifically to give you much better performance on aluminum, copper and brass. What nice about the ZRN coating is that it has 5 microns of coating to give you extra lubricity and better abrasion resistance. What that will allow you to do is really crank up the rpms without having to worry about the cutter breaking down. In fact, ive got several testimonials from customer who used to use the uncoated 3 flute hi-helix finishers and every one of them said that theyre getting much better work piece finishes and 3 times the tool life with the ZRN’s. Now here the thing ___________. Anybody can save you a buck or two on an endmill, but i can extend your tool life and cut your job time in half, Im gonna win your business and that exactly what im looking to do. Let me ask you this. What would you say are a few common sizes? Are ¼, ⅜ and ½ pretty common for you ______? YES..I figured they were since they are for almost everyone and What weve done is put together a small starter set. What it consists of is just 2 of each of those 3 sizes and the whole set is only $249 right now. So. I’ll Tell you what ill do for you just to show you the quality./..

I’ll shoot you out this little set along with a feed and speed chart and a bunch of my business cards. Do me a favor __________. When you see firsthand how cost effective these new cutter are, take care of me on the ones i sent you just like you would you other vendors and also give a couple of your buddys in the business one of my business cards and tell them to call me. Now you’re still over there at _________________________? For something this small, I can just mark them verbal to your attention right? Awesome-____________. I appreciate the opportunity.

  • Bulletpoint formatted Sales Pitch
  • Introduction name & company 
  • 3FLT High Perf carbide finisher ZRN
  • Better perfoamce on Amuminum, Copper and Brass
  • ZRN coating has 5 microns of coating
  • Extra lubricity and abrasion resistance
  • Crank up RPMs; No cutter breakdown
  • Many Product testimonials
  • Testimonials  customer all say they got better workpiece finish 3x more toolife
  • Give one customer testimonial name
  • What are common sizes?  CLOSE..
  • Intro offer set of 2 each 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 for only $249.    Normally over $400
  • Send SET speed/feed chart & bizcard
  • Verify address & Comfirm PO # 
  • Thank customer & get his email for list

Using Bulletpoint format can also be useful for outside sales and face to face sales presentations 

Using Bulletpoints is also very effective when preparing to give a face to face sales presentation. It used to be that every time I would give an outside sales or face to face sales presentation, I would always seem to miss something important. Ofcourse, Hind Sight is 20/20, so It would only come to me after I had already left my customers shop. Putting any relevant points in bulletpoint format, along with any features and benefits, is very helpful when preparing for a major presentation. It’s much easier to review and study the material beforehand, and should you need to refer to it during the sales presentation,  it is always right there at your fingertips. Many successful outside salespeople already use some version of this technique now when they are either on an outside sales call, or preparing for a major sales presentation. Using bullet format is defientely more of a new and useful tool for Inside Sales people looking to deliver a better sales pitch, but don’t be afraid to try it on your next sales presentation or outside sales call. 

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