Many new businesses overlook the importance of choosing the perfect domain name. Now of course i understand everyone isn’t a web marketing expert by trade, so its probably not something people look to deeply into. After all before i was a web marketing consultant, I would choose domain names based on cool they sound. While the coolness of the perfect domain name may have some relevance, there are some other factors that really need to be considered first and foremost.

Shorter is definitely better –While this may not hold true for many other things(wink, wink), if your looking in terms of how to get the perfect domain name, the shorter your name the better. Choosing the perfect domain name requires a lot of thought and consideration.

Use a .com when possible-This pretty much goes without saying but its not exactly a cake walk because it is not easy to find your perfect domain name in a .com extension.  If you absolutely cannot get a .com extension, the only other 2 extensions i would use would be .org or .net. I do however have an absolutely awesome website that i am going to introduce you to that will help tremendously in your quest to find your perfect domain name and it is totally free to use. If you go to you will be able to enter keywords and keyword combination, which will help you to find your perfect domain name. Just below is a screenshot of leandomainsearch website.leandomainsearch3. Make domain easy readable-When choosing your perfect domain name, use words that are easily spelled by anyone. Avoid using slang terms, as well as numbers, dashes or hyphens. Using these will only confuse people thus making it harder for your website to be found online.

4. Use Keywords-Be sure to research and use keywords that help to describe you brand or business. As an example if you  have a dental office, use dentist, dental, or dentistry. You may also want to do some keywords research in order to find keyword  traffic rankings. This is a topic i will cover more in depth at a later date, but to get you started, go ahead and open up a google ad-words account. Don’t worry it is free and as far as i am concerned, it is the best free website ranking tool. Below is a screenshot of what the keyword search screen will look like. To get you started here are the basics.

  • Click where it says; search for more keywords using a phrase, website, or category.
  • Type in your highly targeted keywords from your targeted keywords list
  • Your keyword traffic ranking will then appear. What you are looking for is highly targeted keywords with the most monthly searches or queries.
  • Your keyword traffic rankings will also show competition on your targeted keywords. You want to find Low competition targeted keywords whenever possible because there is less online competition which will allow you to get better website rankings


keyword traffic research

5. Be Creative & Be remembered-There are millions of registered domains online and chances are you are in competition with many companies yourself. You need to stand out to get noticed and be remembered. Use a domain name that is catchy and will grab a potential customer or prospects attention.

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