When I started my career in Internet marketing back in 2005, I used to hate hearing people say "The money is in the list" The reason i used to hate it, is because i could not build an Email List to save my life. True Story: It took me like 7-8 months just to get my first few subscribers. Its tough out there and Brand vision inc. marketing understands this. That is why we started the Internet marketers institute, to help aspiring Internet marketers make it in this business!

So Here is the Deal.....for a limited time we are doing something absolutely unheard of. We will be going our new followers and subscribers our complete List building 101 Video Course for FREE. That's right....You can get this incredible 17 chapter Video course, with 19 videos in all 100% Free. No Gimmicks, No B/S...It really is Free..Trust me....

Before you sign up, let us put our money where our mouth is. Now you may have took a quick look at the video above. This is actually the first video in the list building 101 Video course, titles List building Intro or list building basics. As you can see this is a 45 minute video with ALOT of useful information. This List building course normally sells for $197, and generally speaking, it doe quite well. I surely hope you can see the value you'll be getting from this video course. If you are really and truly serious about learning how to master building a list for email marketing, then all you need to do is dedicate about One hour every other day to learning and mastering this course. We encourage you to take notes and pay close attention, but just incase you miss something, we got you covered. As an additional Bonus, were also going to be giving you your very own free copy of all 19 videos. This way you can refer to them whenever you need to.

All we ask from you is one small favor in return. Well, okay...maybe 2 small favors...Number One...Just make sure you are serious about learning the material in this course. Number #2, Please share this post, so other aspiring internet marketers can also take advantage of this offer before its too late. Well....Here is Your chance...You can now Sign-Up below...

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