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Brand Vision Inc. Marketing, a leading ecommerce website development company, and winner of several web design awards, is proud to introduce the new Ecommerce Website builder training course. Now you too, can learn to build an online store (Ecommerce website) from scratch. Brand Vision Inc. Marketing provides ecommerce website design services as well as expert marketing services. If you are new to marketing and website development, this Ecommerce website builder training course will teach you everything you need to know about designing, marketing, & managing your own online store. Even if you are a marketing professional, you will still get significant value from this Ecommerce training course. Every year online retailers gain more market share as e shopping continues to flourish. Lets face it, online stores are the wave of the future. The time to get your own web store up and running is now. If your not changing and embracing new technology trends, your being left behind. Open your mind and your wallet, and pick up the Ecommerce website builder training course today! In 24-48 hours, you will be learn website development and marketing techniques that would take years to learn at a college or university.

This 5 chapter¬†online store builder training course is jam packed with useful material and resources. It is also very well put together, very easy to read, and very easy to understand, even if you a complete beginner when it comes to marketing and website development. If you don’t love and learn a ton from this Ecommerce Website builder training course, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Table of Contents

WebSite Design

    • Choosing & Installing a Theme
    • Upload Favicon
    • Install Banner or Slideshow
    • Add Pages to your Site

Ecommerce 1

    • Add Products & Product Categories
    • Product images &Descriptions
    • Managing Your Brands
    • Stock/Inventory management

Ecommerce 2

    • Processing Orders
    • Check Out Forms
    • Postage & Shipping
    • Payment Integration
    • Add Customers


    • Attach Domain Name
    • Social Media Integration
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Using coupons & Vouchers
    • Tracking Store statistics
    • Product Feeds
      Customer Reviews

Launching your Store

  • Store Settings
  • Design Settings
  • Price Settings
  • Stock Settings
  • Customizing Invoices
  • Set-Up Email Autoresponders

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