Hello world and happy holidays to you all. From all of us here at Brand Vision Inc. Marketing, we sincerely wish that 2017 be a wonderful, prosperous year for you all. And on that note, I would like to tell you all about Phoneburner, a new power dialer/customer relationship manager (CRM) software app that will allow you to increase the number of outbound sales calls your sales team is currently making by 447%. How’s that for a Sales Boost? 

    Now it’s. I secret that there are many different customer relationship manager (CRM) software apps out there for you to choose from. There are also a number of different power dialer or auto dialer software apps on the market today. It is however, very difficult to find a complete, all-in-one software application that can be used as a power dialer and a customer relationship manager (CRM) and contact manager tool.

There are a wide variety of both Power dialers and CRM’s, and believe me when I tell you that we have tried them all. In 2016, one of main goals as a full service marketing firm, was to help our sales team to more efficiently work the leads we were generating from out internet marketing campaigns.  Putting together a flexible marketing plan that successfully generates warm sales leads is not an easy task. So once we did nail down our marketing strategy by putting together a detailed marketing plan, we needed to shift our focus to lead management. With our marketing goals being met, in order to maintain steady growth in a competitive market, our sales team had to also do their part. After all, even the hottest leads on the planet are worthless if your sales team cannot convert them Into actual sales or new subscriptions. Without an effective marketing plan or marketing strategy, those sales numbers can be hard to hit and of course we all know that lack of sales, will significantly diminish or eliminate your marketing budget all together.

With that being said, Brand Vision Inc and every other business on the planet for that matter, will always keep an open mind to new sales tools that help to streamline the sales process and give the sales team a nice sales boost.

One such tool that we happened upon early last year, after a rather long and tedious search, was PhoneBurner. We had already been on the search for an affordable and efficient power dialer that would boost sales and help with customer relations. Although there were plenty of choices for one or the other, there were no clear cut winners that would work for what we were looking for. 

We started out by trying SalesForce, which we found to be just way to hard to learn and too complex. Now for some people that may be a good thing. SalesForce would be right much larger company who can afford set aside a bunch of hours and pay for extensive training. For us, however, it just was not a good fit. We then tried, and although their system was actually pretty good, it had way too many necessary add-ons that would need to be paid for, which made it actual very pricey. We also tried some of the others out there such as Five9, EVS7 Dolphin Dialer, and even Skpe Click-to-Call. None of these companies had  a power dialer/auto dialer and customer relationship manager software app that we felt would be a fit for our sales team.

That is when we came across Phoneburner, which really proved to be the answer and sales solution that we were searching for all along. Phoneburner offers plenty of really cool features and since the phoneburner system is cloud based,  set up is easy and there is no fee to get started. Whether you are a part of a large sales team or a small sales team, phoneburner has options that fit your sales needs and your budget. You can purchase a 7.5 hour block for $67.50 per month, or for $149 per month, you get unlimited calling. Phoneburner even offers a completely free trial, with no credit card required. I suggest you check it out and see for yourself how phoneburner can help boost your sales.


Why use Phoneburner?

  • Power dial for 4x more contacts.

    Reach up to 80 contacts per hour. No manual dialing. Instantly leave voicemails and send emails. Sort, search and manage contacts with ease. We eliminate sales call drudgery so your time is spent doing what’s valuable – closing sales.

  • Leave a voicemail, without listening to theirs!

    Tired of repeating your message over and over? Leave a professional voicemail with one click. You don’t even have to listen to their message before moving on to the next call – a huge time saver!

  • NO connection delays.

    Hear every “Hello.” No awkward pauses or delays. PhoneBurner eliminates finger fatigue, but you are always there and always in control.

  • Cloud based. Call from anywhere.

    There’s nothing to install. Plug into our power dialer from wherever life takes you – with any phone and computer you’re set to go!

  • Send emails based on call outcome.

    Save time sorting, record keeping, and taking action based on the results of each call. Custom “disposition sets” let you re-categorize prospects, take notes, send outcome based follow-up emails, and more – with a single click.

  • Know when contacts open emails and view attachments.

    SmartSender takes lead tracking and follow-up to the next level. Easily send individual or multiple-attachment (ie. docs, videos, links, and more) SmartPacks, and you’ll be notified when your contacts open emails and view attachment

  • LeadStream: Smart Lead Distribution

    Intelligently and automatically distribute leads among your sales team. LeadStream features a rich and highly customizable set of delivery rules for routing leads to the right reps, automatically redistributing unworked leads, and ensuring leads are handled when they’re most likely to convert.

  • Import and manage leads with ease.

    PhoneBurner’s intuitive CRM makes it simple to manage your leads, take notes and schedule follow-ups. Create custom layouts, tags, and searches to streamline any sales process and sell better, faster.

  • Awesome sorting functionality.

    Better sorting means more productive dial sessions. Sort by dozens of data fields as well as tags, call recency, frequency, and more. Saved searches and custom data layouts ensure you get the best results from every session.

  • Premium features for inside sales success.

    Up your game with premium features like call recording, call tracking, retargeting and more – all included with our Unlimited plan. Plus, dial from local area codes with our flexible Local ID plans.

  • Phoneburner plays very nicely with others.

    PhoneBurner is integrated with Salesforce and can easily integrate with other software through our API. We’re also happy to offer private label and co-branding partnership opportunities.

Besides the easy set up and all the awesome features phoneburner offers, we are always very impressed with the customer service we receive from phoneburner. They are always willing to help and they have always done whatever it takes to keep us as a happy customer. If you havent already done so, go ahead and redeem your one hour free trial with phoneburner today!

  1. Thanks for this article. Never even heard of Phoneburner until i read this blog post. Did a one hour trial and yes it very easy to work and much less complicated then some of the other Crms and auto-dialer software options out there.

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