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At Brand Vision Inc., we have put together a virtual “Dream Team” of Web Marketing Experts. We are a full service marketing and design firm specializing in Web Site Design & Development, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Social Media marketing, Email Marketing, and of course Brand development. Every member of our elite Marketing Team has years of internet marketing experience in the field and in the classroom. In addition, each one of extremely talented and successful Marketing managers has a specific area of marketing expertise that they specialize in. At Brand Vision Inc. marketing, our marketing team consists of highly trained & experienced marketing consultants. Our web marketing team of b2b marketing consultants are also passionate about what they do and committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

At Brand Vision Inc., the service and level of marketing expertise you can expect to receive is absolutely, bar none, the best that money can buy. Marketing expertise is gained by providing excellent service and going the extra mile at all times. Whether your looking to develop a start-up marketing strategy to help build a brand, new website design and development, or a website rebuild, our marketing team will get you moving in the right direction. At Brand Vision Inc., we understand the importance of a marketing strategy and we will work with you every step of the way to get your brand or business on track. We realize that marketing techniques and marketing strategies are always changing and always evolving. The Brand Vision Inc. Marketing team uses only the best marketing techniques for small businesses. Although we do make use of some of the most advanced marketing techniques, we also make use of creative marketing techniques in order to give your potential customers the best of all worlds. Despite having years of training and hands on experience, we regularly send our marketing experts to seminars in order to stay pace with what is happening in the internet marketing industry. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, we want to be sure you impress your potential customers or prospects from the very first time they come across your website or blog.

When it comes to developing a marketing strategy for a customer, we are very thorough in every sense of the word. We always take the time to find exactly what your goals are, both short-term and long-term. We will then be able to determine where a brand identity can most profitably be built and how your niche can fit into the open market effectively. We take the time to evaluate all aspects of the company-consumer relationship based on your target market to set-up a target marketing strategy for you. To successfully position your brand or business into the market takes many hours of marketing planning and strategy.At Brand Vision Inc. Marketing, we will strive to develop a brand or business to business marketing strategy that will breathe life into a brand and establish the most advantageous brand development.




WebSite Development
Bring your brand vision to Life and create a strong foundation for success with the help our Web design Experts and Web development services. Need a new custom designed website? Or perhaps you need a website re-design to help promote and increase your brand identity. Brand Vision Inc., one of the premier responsive web development companies can help you with any website project. Rest assured that important details such as ALT Tags, keyword ranking research, Internal & External Links, are never overlooked.





Content Marketing
The Simply put, the success of your website, is dependent on how strong your website content is. We are experts in developing or increasing brand recognition through the use of content marketing. Our marketing experts will create a foundation for success by utilizing the perfect type of content most sensible for the type of visitor traffic your website will see. Our content marketing strategy includes the use of digital media, proven to create even more brand exposure, and enhance the overall look and feel of your website.




Conversion Marketing
Our (CRO) Conversion Optimization experts at Brand Vision Inc., will help you to streamline your PPC Marketing Campaign & get the most out of your existing traffic across all of your marketing channels. In addition to conventional manual usability methodology and human factors testing, our marketing experts use a variety of tools including surveys, analytics, click-tracking & heat-map software that provide the data and insights which help us to perfect a marketing plan that will maximize conversion rates.





Email Marketing
If your tired of wasting your time on worthless Email Marketing campaign that generate little or no return, you’ve come to the right place. At Brand vision Inc., our marketing experts will design, customize and compose customer Email marketing campaigns that will bring new customers to your doorstep.





Social Media Marketing
Social media is becoming more and more relevant every day. Your brand development strategy must include a social media strategy. The marketing experts at Brand Vision Inc. will help you automate this process by setting up automated social media campaigns with all of the top social media sites.





Marketing Automation
When it comes to brand positioning and brand identity, there is nobody better than Brand Vision. When building a brand you must have a solid brand development strategy. If you are serious about building a brand and achieving your company vision and mission. it;s time to think marketing automation.




Here’s the solution you’ve been waiting for…


Marketing Campaign Planner


Our patented Marketing campaign launch workflow process helps our marketing experts to put together a perfect marketing campaign to fit the needs of your business.


Our marketing experts will design and develop a search engine optimized custom website that will give your business a professional look and feel. Your website will have all the tools necessary to attract new potential customers.


The second step in the marketing automation process is to capture the interest of new customers. Our Launch Method is a combination of sales landing pages, Lead magnets, squeeze pages, & email sign-up and opt-in forms. With our system, we can strategically target & capture 67% more Leads.


After collecting customer & contact information from our targeted Lead Form, the sales process begins. Since we understand the hard work that goes into collecting these warm leads, we nurture them with dialy social media posts and targeted bi-weekly email marketing campaigns

Developing a Flexible Marketing Strategy

Your Brand Identity is everything. Choose wisely & Hire Us!!


responsive Developing a marketing strategy is absolutely vital for any business or brand. In order to attract and then retain customers, your marketing strategy must be well thought out and effective. Unless you have an infinite number of hours available to dedicate to your brand strategy, you will most likely be looking to hire a professional brand consultant or marketing company to help you build a brand or enhance your corporate identity.

The focus of your brand strategy or corporate identity will be to make sure that your products and services meet customer needs. To ensure repeat business and for effective brand positioning, your focus needs to be about developing long-term, profitable relationships with your customers. Your brand strategy or business branding plan must be a flexible marketing plan that can respond to changes in customer perceptions and demand. By having a flexible marketing strategy, your business or brand will appeal to a much broader audience. A flexible marketing strategy will also help you to identify new markets along the way, that you can successfully target.

When developing a brand strategy or marketing strategy, it is also important to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Since we all have strengths and weaknesses, it is best to build a flexible marketing strategy around them. At Brand Vision Inc., part of our process for developing a marketing strategy is to use the SWOT analysis(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). By using the SWOT analysis method, it is easy identify personal, company, or industry strengths and weaknesses.

Once you have a well thought out and flexible marketing strategy, the next step is to find out which marketing techniques are effective within your target market. Without the help of a marketing consultant or marketing company, this part of the marketing strategy process can be quite difficult because it involves some trial and error and some tweaking of your original marketing plan. However, to ensure business growth or the development or growth of your brand, this step in the marketing process cannot be overlooked. Making adjustments based on consumer behavior and customer trends is an important part of the marketing process. Because of these changes in consumer behavior and customer trends, maintaining a successful marketing strategy also requires some preventative maintenance. Depending on your target market, or based on future industry analysis, some of the same marketing techniques that are successful now, may prove to be ineffective 12-18 months down the road. Your marketing plan should be constantly reviewed so it can respond quickly to changes in your industry, as well as changes in customer needs, and customer trends.

At Brand Vision Inc., we are experts in brand development, brand positioning, and achieving brand loyalty. We are also experts in product branding, business branding and corporate branding. By using 21rst century marketing techniques along with research and anylitics, we will put together a solid and flexible marketing strategy which will position you, your company or your brand for success.

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Bringing your Brand Vision to life

Going from brand vision to brand evaluation then sucessful brand postioning

  • Attract More Customers
  • Build your Brand
  • Grow your Business


Step #1: Brief:
During the Briefing Stage, we will gather all vital information regarding your company, product or brand. What’s the purpose of this project? What is your company vision? Your Brand Vision? No stone will be left un-turned. Our briefing process is extremely thorough and no stone will be left un turned because we know your marketing strategy will make or break your business or brand. We also understand that your time is valuable, so we have stream lined the process to gather a lot of information in a short amount of time. Since our success depends on yours, you better believe that we will put 110% effort into developing your new marketing strategy.

Step #2: Analyse
During the analysing phase, we put together and make sense of all of the vital information you have given us. This is where your marketing strategy and marketing plan will start to take shape. Brand Vision Inc. will also do it’s own extensive industry and marketing research. In the end we will put all the pieces of the puzzle together and present to you a new marketing that will permanently put your company or brand on the map. Our marketing plan for you will also take into effect and include preventative maintenance so we may easily identify and respond quickly to any changes in your industry, as well as changes in customer behavior and customer trends.

Step # 3: Develop
During the development of your new marketing strategy will actually begin to implement and put into place your marketing plan. During development our goal is to set up a strong, flexible marketing strategy and plan which will serve as a solid foundation for the success of your company or brand. Developing your new marketing strategy and implementing the plan will be a process of trial and error. Our marketing experts will not give up until your marketing automation plan is operating at peak performance. By using our own patented process along with industry and consumer analytics, Brand Vision Inc. will be able to tweak your marketing plan to perfection.

Step #4: Support
The Support phase of the marketing plan implementation is our guarantee to you that we stand behind every project we do 110%. Brand Vision Inc., will be there for you every step away should you have any questions or concerns. Also, unlike most marketing companies, the marketing strategy we deliver to you includes 18 Free months of future preventative maintenance, which is absolutely necessary to achieve and maintain your brand identity and/or company success. In fact, you will be assigned a personal project manager who will be there to serve your needs and provide support every step of the way. Brand vision Inc. is your marketing partner and we will always go the extra mile for you

Your Brand Identity is everything. Choose wisely & Hire Us!!


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