5 Easy ways to get more site traffic and improve your website ranking

5 Easy ways to get more site traffic and improve your website ranking

Add to your Website & Blog content

Adding to and improving the content on your Blog and/or website is one of the best ways to improve your website ranking and generate more website traffic unique visitors. Content marketing is a very powerful marketing strategy increase website traffic over time. Writing google relevant content does take time, so you need to develop a blog content strategy. If you do not have any time to dedicate to creating blog content, you may want to explore blog content writing services. It wont happen overnight but if you do dedicate some of your time everyday to creating relevant, you will see your website traffic over time.

Share relevant content

Sharing relevant content is a very easy way to build your brand, generate more website traffic, and improve your website ranking. The nice thing about sharing relevant content is that you do not have to spend the time creating blog content. Some of the best content marketing blogs use this strategy to help generate more website traffic. It is important to note that sharing other peoples content should never be used a replacement for creating your own unique and relevant content within your industry. Buzzsumo.com is awesome website that you can use to find some of the most popular posts within your industry. Buzzsumo will even allow you to do a few searches everyday for free. You can also upgrade your membership if you’d like, in order to get unlimited access.

Use Internal and External Links

Internal links are links that link from one page of your website to a different page within your website. Linking your website content will also help to create a structure and hierarchy within your site. Using internal links is an easy way to put your call to action offers in front of potential customers more often. Internal links will also help to improve your website ranking.

Using external links to provide more information and references is a good way to show to world that your site has credible information. Of course, providing more credible information will give your website visitors a reason to come back and visit your site more often. External links can also to helpful in building relationships with customers. When used properly, external links can be helpful and improve your website ranking. When overused,  they can also hurt your website ranking and get you penalized. If you allow comments on your website or blog, make sure you monitor post comments and look our for spammy-looking links. As long as you are using good external links to relevant sites that provide additional information about a specific topic, you are fine.

Join Industry Forums and start participating

Joining and participating in forums within your industry is an excellent marketing strategy that can easily increase your website traffic and develop a loyal following. Think about it. When you join a forum within your industry, you are in front of like minded people looking most likely looking for information, advice, or support. If you can  provide value and become a useful resource for others in a forum, people will follow you and spread the word. Be memorable, friendly and welcoming. and you will make a lasting impression.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords have less competition than generic keywords, which makes it easier for you to rank higher in the top search engines. Long-tail keywords are also more specific than generic keywords, and they can be better tailored to match the needs of your buyers.  In general, Long Tail keywords seem to have higher conversion rates than generic keywords because people making long-tail searches are usually further along in the buying cycle. In most cases these buyers have already done their research and know exactly what they want. As a result, Long tail keywords have a very strong click through rate. There are many a long tail keyword tools online, and most of them are free or at least offer some type of a free trial. One of the best keyword tools i have found is instakeywords.com. SEO Optimize your website using long tail keywords as well as regular keywords, and you will increase your website traffic and improve your website ranking


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