The Advantages of Custom Website Design


When its time to put up a company website or re-design that old website from 2008, many clients seem to be stressed and overwhelmed right off they bat.  It’s no wonder so many business owners are dazed and confused when it comes to website design! They have heard this or saw that and they have got information coming at them from everywhere. Quite naturally, most of them just dont know what to believe any more. On top of that there is the website design horror stories. Oh my lord!!!During my many years in this field, believe me, i have heard plenty of website design horror stories. In fact, if i had a nickel for each one I heard or read about, I’d be a long since retired, multi millionaire.

In order to put together and built a results driven, custom built website, the customer or client has to be involved and have a say in both the content and creative side of the website design project. A good website design firm, such as Brand Vision Inc. Marketing, will involve the client but have procedures and processes in place in order to make the web design process smooth and painless. A good website design firm will take the time and make the effort to find out more about your unique business and customers, and how you want your site to work. They’ll consider SEO best practices and learn what exactly you’re looking for from your website.  You should be allowed c-panel access if you so choose, in case you decide to add to or change something on your website on your own,. Now granted, most of our customers would just prefer to call us to maker those changes, but the point is, you should at least have and be given the option to access the back end or c-panel of your website.

Because custom website design includes more than simply how the website looks, it may seem like the process takes a little longer at the outset. However, it can save time in the long run because your website design firm will ensure your site is easily up gradable and that it always does just what you want it to do.

You’ll have to decide whether you would rather spend your time figuring out how to make your website behave the way you want it to, or have experts take care of it while you focus on running and building your business. Designing a website is often much more work than people realize, and it can get complicated quickly. Templates can work for bare-bones organizations that just need a very basic website to function as a business card. However, a template website will not allow for any complexity and will be seriously limited on features. Not to mention, template sites do not rank very well in google, yahoo, or bing search engines. It is our opinion here at Brand Vision Inc. Marketing, that if your a company looking to grow and planning to be around for years to come, you should consider custom website design. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and since your website is quite often your first impression, you might as well get it done right the first time around. But, as with any purchase, it is a good idea to compare products to help decide which one is right for you.


 The Many Advantages Custom Designed and Built Websites

  • The website will have a completely unique design that will incorporate your company’s branding and will be based around the needs of your business.
  • The process to create a custom site takes longer than a template site.
  • The site will be built to be (SEO) search engine optimized an in turn be ranked higher by google, yahoo & bing
  • Your custom built website design will be much more adaptable to your company’s needs..
  • Your custom built website will fully responsive and mobile ready and it will be tested to work across all browsers.
  • Your custom built company website will be tailored to your specifications, so it will work exactly how they need it to operate for the best user experience possible.
  • A custom built website will grow with your business and be easy to upgrade when new technologies become available.
  • Along with your custom built website from Brand vision inc., you can count on 24 hour, reliable support, 365 days a year.
  • The process to create a custom site takes longer than a template site, but the end result is a much better website that will deliver results

Once you have made the decision to invest in a custom built website with Brand Vision Inc. marketing, we will immediately get work building you the website of your dreams. When we embarq upon your website development project, we have two major goals that we must accomplish at all costs. Our number One goal is to built you the perfect website that fits your company like a glove. Our second major goal is to make the entire website design project a smooth, painless process for you the client. In order to ensure these two very important goals are met, one of the unique & effective things that we do here at Brand Vision  Inc. Marketing, is to assign a project management team to each and every web development project we take on.

Your professional project management team will include:

  • A professional web developer– Handles the Client and server side scripting, all custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding of your website. Also handles everything from the site layout to the features and functions on the of your website. Each one of our professional web developers has at least 8 years of hands on experience, & each has been responsible for hundreds of website builds & development projects
  • A graphic design & digital marketing expert-Responsible for the artistic and graphic side of your website, including the look and feel & overall presentation of your custom built website. Your graphic design specialist will aim to bring your brand vision to life completely custom images made by hand with the aid of technical resources.
  • An SEO & Marketing Strategist-Responsible for implementing internet marketing strategies to help boost your website ranking through all marketing channels. including (SEO) search engine optimization, keyword research,, social media integration, ect..Your marketing strategist will help your company Establish a strong, long-term web presence & create brand awareness


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